Kristin Perkowski

Associate Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Kristin is the Associate Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction at Traverse City Area Public Schools. She is an educational and military career leadership professional and change agent with the insight, vision, and enthusiasm necessary to inspire teams and garner impressive results. Her high-energy, commitment to excellence, integrity, service-mindset, and core belief in building systems and empowering others as part of her leadership legacy is at the heart of her life’s work.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education (English/Communications) and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, both from Western Michigan University. She holds an Instructional Technology Certification from Michigan State University and has previously served in the education profession for 28 years as a high school English teacher, coach, middle school assistant principal, elementary principal, assistant superintendent, non-profit executive, high school principal, and curriculum director.  Additionally, she spent 22 years in various leadership roles in the Air & Army National Guard, honorably retiring as a Military Officer in January 2014.

An esteemed leader and educational professional, Kristin has received many honors and exemplary accomplishments, including a Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA) Practicing Principal of the Year Nomination, Keynote Speaker for Memorial and Veteran’s Day Celebrations; United States Air Force Squadron Officer Leadership School Graduate, Company Grade Officer of the Year, and Association of the United States Army Leadership Award.

Kristin lives with her husband, Darrin, in Traverse City and enjoys everything about living in northern Michigan.
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Day 2
September 21, 2023
12:30 pm

Creating Multipliers: A Journey of Serving [Teaching & Learning]

21 September
Time:  12:30 pm - 1:45 pm
Location:  Peninsula B/C

Great leadership is contagious. Great leadership multiplies. If we are willing to set aside our personal agenda for the greater agenda of serving those around us, campuses, districts, and entire communities can be transformed. Our job as leaders, is to create an environment of safety and trust, whereby students and staff are engaged, connected, and empowered to be their best. We believe, “if you have a child’s heart, you have a child’s mind.” When school culture is built by leaders on positive relationships, service, and by “Capturing Kids’ Hearts®,” a multiplier effect can happen. Performance accelerates at all levels, and behaviors greatly improve because kids and staff want to be in school.

Focus: Women in Leadership/Teaching & Learning/Leadership Development/Other.

1. Understand the value of intentional service
2. Create a culture through a relational approach to leadership
3. Learn the power of reframing and gratitude
4. Explore a communication model that lends to deeper student engagement
5. Receive key insights into the alignment of behavior to academic outcomes
6. Learn tools for creating social, emotional, and academic safety at all levels
7. Discuss strategies for positively accelerating the 5 Key Indicators of School Performance.

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