Ken Dirkin

Senior Director of Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute

For over 20 years, Ken Dirkin has been innovating in education by creating technology solutions to help humans be better humans. Today, Ken serves as the senior director of the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute. Working with virtual worlds, mobile apps, and new technology, Ken is driven to decrease physical barriers in education and make learning more engaging and equitable. Ken’s energy is generated by work in education technology and the possibilities of unlocking human potential through innovation. He lives with his awesome wife (Hi Kathy!), his #girlpower daughter, son, and happy dogs.

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Day 2
September 21, 2023
10:15 am

Hot Topic Session: A Balcony View on AI & Learning - An Integration Framework for Districts

21 September
Time:  10:15 am - 11:30 am
Location:  Governors' Ballroom

Are you interested in learning how AI can transform K-12 education? In this session, we will introduce you to a framework for integrating AI into K-12 school districts that focuses on the impact of AI on leadership, teaching and learning, and operations. You will learn about the benefits and challenges of AI in education, as well as some practical examples of how schools are using AI to enhance student outcomes, teacher effectiveness, and school efficiency. The Planning Guide for AI: A Framework for School Districts has been created in collaboration with districts across Michigan and education leadership associations starting in Spring of 2023.

3:45 pm

Tailored AI Insights: Intentional Coaching for School Leaders [Leadership Development/Other]

21 September
Time:  3:45 pm - 5:00 pm
Location:  Mackinac B/C

School leaders recognizing a need to address the public conversation of AI will participate in small-group dialogue with peers and Michigan Virtual partners on how AI may address their school's unique challenges and opportunities across eight domains. With a blend of shared knowledge, introspection, and tailored advice through topical coaching, participants will develop their vision and thoughts for addressing AI in their learning community. This workshop session follows Michigan Virtual’s Hot Topic session introducing the Planning Guide for AI: A Framework for School Districts.

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