K.K. Neimann

National Director of District and Strategic Initiatives

KK has a Master’s in Teaching and Curriculum from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has been working in education since 2001. Her passion for developing active and engaged global citizens began during her first year in the classroom and has remained at the center of her practice throughout her career. She has taught social studies and English at every grade level between 5th and 12th in both public and private school settings, and has presented at both regional and national conferences on how to grade for global competence. Prior to coming to World Savvy, KK spent 9 years at the Blake School in Minneapolis where she designed and implemented a Humanities program for 6th graders that blended reading, writing, and inquiry with the goal of building students’ global competence.

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Day 2
September 21, 2023
3:45 pm

Beyond the Divide: Fostering Community in the Space Between Freedom and Fear [DEI]

21 September
Time:  3:45 pm - 5:00 pm
Location:  Peninsula B/C

Panel Discussion:
New York Times columnist Tom Friedman says, “A complex, adaptive coalition has no left and no right. It must be made from the center out. Everyone working together is the only way it’s going to work.” To that end, a group of superintendents from across the country came together to learn, ask questions, consider perspectives, and design a new path forward that will not only meet the needs of students today, but protect our democracy for tomorrow.

Focus: Women in Leadership/Urban School Districts /Diversity, Equity, Inclusion /Leadership Development/Other.

Takeaways: Together we explored the following questions:
How do we meet the needs of ALL students in a time of great polarization? How can global competence serve as an organizing tool and framework for positive conversations in our communities? How do we ensure that our education system is adequately preparing young people to be active and engaged citizens in a multiethnic democracy?

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