Flinnoia Hall III


A proud graduate of Detroit Southwestern High School (DPS), Flinnoia holds undergraduate degrees from Ferris State and Saginaw Valley State University. He also has earned a Masters (M.Ed.) and Specialist Degree in Education (Ed.S.) from Saginaw Valley State, and a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) from the Historically Payne Theological Seminary. His experiences range from classroom teacher/adjunct professor, college academic advisor and admissions/enrollment management, athletic director, high school and college basketball coach, assistant and head principal, etc. Flinnoia has also served at the public school administrative central office level; including 5 Principal ships and Superintendent; currently serving as Head Principal at Bridgeport- Spaulding Community High School. As a teacher, administrator, former athlete, and basketball coach; Hall has played a positive role in the lives of countless young men and women.

Through his success with increasing student achievement and school growth, Mr. Hall was recognized as one of Saginaw County’s young and rising leaders, and established himself as a Transformational Instructional Leader. The Founder and C.E.O. of Blessings Beyond Measure, LLC (BBM) Enterprises; a spiritual, motivational, nutritional, and educational consulting firm. He believes that education is liberating and one of the “3 keys” to life’s successes.

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Day 2
September 21, 2023
12:30 pm

Applying ESSER Funds to Transition High-Poverty Students from Consumers of Information to Producers, Applying Knowledge and Learning Through STEAM [Small & Rural/DEI]

21 September
Time:  12:30 pm - 1:45 pm
Location:  Directors

Bridgeport Spaulding students are transitioning from consumers to producers, applying STEAM knowledge. We shifted focus to becoming problem-solving educators and students. SmartLab Learning shares our belief in nurturing big dreams within our disadvantaged community. This session explores long-term solutions, backed by research, to support student engagement and create world-changing creators.

Focus: Small & rural Districts/Urban School Districts/Diversity, equity, Inclusion/Teaching & Learning/After School/Out of School.

1. Project-based learning through STEAM Labs can change the lives of learners (Examples of HS students now employed out of school)
2. Investing one-time funding into long-term project-based learning can change the trajectory of students’ lives through the vehicle of student engagement.
3. High-poverty schools benefit from innovative approaches to learning and an alternative to stagnant, traditional learning models.
4. Hands-on learning inspires innovation for students to become problem solvers.

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