Dr. Suzanne Klein

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

Suzanne Klein has over 30 years of educational experience as a teacher, administrator, trainer, consultant, adviser, superintendent, committee member and chair, professor, reviewer, director and presenter in preK-12 to Higher Education settings. At Oakland University, she currently teaches in the Educational Specialist Program and coordinates the Central Office Certificate Program, in the Department of Organizational Leadership. She serves as an advisor to students in the Ed.D. and Ph.D. programs, and is also the director of OU’s Galileo Institute, which supports the advancement of teacher leadership and student learning through a variety of community-based projects and initiatives.

An active voice on policy initiatives at both the state and federal level, Klein serves as president of the Michigan Association of Professors of Educational Administration and a member of OU’s 2025 Strategic Planning Community Engagement Committee. She was co-chair of the first Galileo 3.0 Trusted Voices conference and now serves as a liaison to the current Galileo 3.0 Trusted Voices Fellows. She also is a co-founder of EdConOU, a collaborative learning event for teachers and administrators to share and gain expertise on various education-related topics.

She is a member of the National Council of Professors in Educational Administration, the Michigan Association of School Administrators, the American Educational Research Association, and the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. She has presented regionally, nationally and internationally on school district and organizational leadership and goal setting, the merits of strong educational leadership training, and leading learning that matters.

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Day 2
September 21, 2023
3:45 pm

Navigating Community Involvement and Engagement on Thorny Issues [Leadership Development/Other]

21 September
Time:  3:45 pm - 5:00 pm
Location:  Tower C

How do school districts and Boards of Education respond to the needs of their community when confronted not only by the typical problems of a post-Covid era but also those added to the mix by state and local politics? A partnership between Farmington Public Schools and Oakland University has explored responses to that challenge. The Galileo Institute and the Center for Community Engagement at Oakland University developed a workshop for district teams (superintendent, central office, principals and board members) around issues concerning civility and engagement in public life, the need for more opportunities for conversation and dialogue, possible root causes of distrust and division as well as strategies to address these challenges. Farmington Public Schools has offered a series of "community dialogues" which have helped the district successfully navigate thorny issues by diverse groups of individuals with diverse viewpoints which they shared with attendees at the workshop and the OU Civility Day conference.

Focus: Small & Rural Districts /Central Office /Urban School Districts /Diversity, Equity, Inclusion/School Safety/Mental Health & Wellness /Teaching & Learning Leadership Development/Other.

1. Strategies to more successfully navigate thorny issues in your district and school community.
2. What political science and school leadership research tells us about community engagement and lessons learned from all sides of this project.
3. How local communities can show resilience and engage successfully despite diverse viewpoints and divisions that can arise in local districts.

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