Chris Ming


Chris Ming is in his fourth year as the Superintendent of the Au Gres-Sims School District, a Destination District with focal points of place-based education and green initiatives. He has previously served staff and students as a Principal, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Data and Assessment Coordinator, Teacher, and Athletic Coach. Chris believes in creating opportunities by removing barriers through innovation and informed problem solving. Representing Region 4, he serves on the MASA Council as the Chair of the Conference Planning Committee and sits on the MASA Small and Rural Taskforce.

  • Company Au Gres-Sims School District


Day 1
September 20, 2023
1:00 pm

General Session

20 September
Time:  1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location:  Governors' Hall

- Welcome
- State of the Association with Dr. Tina Kerr
- Keynote: Following the S.A.M.E. Pathway Into the Future, Dr. John Hodge
- Featured Speaker: U of M National Center for School Safety

Keynote: Dr. Hodge will discuss the three domains (Social-Academic-Moral) that he says can only thrive in a culture of Distributed Leadership. Using this framework to guide your work, interventions can be tailored to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of schools in urban, suburban, and rural districts throughout the United States. Learn more about the S.A.M.E. Framework.

Feature Speaker:
The National Center for School Safety (NCSS) based at the University of Michigan School of Public Health is focused on improving school safety and preventing school violence. NCSS supports schools, districts, and other entities to implement evidence-based school safety programs designed to help increase the ability of school communities to identify appropriate school safety strategies and adapt them to fit their unique contexts, including their school’s capacity, population, geography, and funding constraints.

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